Africa’s Leading Creative and Cultural Website Revamped

ArtMatters.Info, Africa's leading creative and cultural website revampedArtMatters.Info, the Africa-wide network that flaunts creativity and lifestyle on the mother continent, has been re-designed with a view to making it more current as far as technological, socio-economic, legal and political advancement are concerned.

Users of ArtMatters.Info can now comment on the articles, print and share content via email and also via social networking and chat sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Digg, Stumbleupon and Delicious.

Moreover, ArtMatters.Info, a free-to-access journalistic-written, edited and published portal, has been expanded to cover subjects such as Sports, Education, Religion, Business, Politics, Women, Children and Youth, Heritage, Technology, Festivals, Awards…Globally.

ArtMatters.Info not only covers Africa—from Cape Agulhas (South Africa) to Caluula (Somalia), and from Dakar (Senegal) to Tangier (Morocco) and Bizerte (Tunisia), and all the other places in between—including Madagascar, Seychelles, Reunion and Mayotte, but has also gone global and now covers ‘good practice’ worldwide.

Since its creation on March 18, 2002, ArtMatters.Info has striven to provide reliable, well researched and journalistically-written articles to all kinds of users and seekers of information.

The users of ArtMatters.Info range from—but are not limited to—painters, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, fashion designers, thespians, travellers, story-tellers, writers, students, researchers, scholars, teachers, development partners (aka donors!), and policymakers (governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations) all over the world.

ArtMatters.Info is published by ComMattersKenya in Nairobi, Kenya.