Online African Music Store Opens for Business

By Ano Shumba
Published December 3, 2017

Mike Mkali, managing director of Maluso MusicAn online digital music platform that allows musicians to sell their music has been launched in a southern African country.

The platform, known as Maluso Music, is based in Maawi though it is also available in Zambia, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Owned by a Malawian company known as Raymka Group, Maluso Music aims to reach the rest of Africa by 2020, according to its website.

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“Maluso has an internal banking system that gives artists access to track their sales,” Mike Mkali, managing director of Maluso Music, says. “Artists will be paid through mobile money or bank accounts. Songs can be bought using 14 international cards and mobile money through a multinational system that will integrate mobile money systems without direct integration.”

Maluso Music says the service will “give artists statistics of how their music is performing and on the number of subscribers and downloads.”

“Every song uploaded or updated will still have to be verified by the distributor that the artist is registered before they go public. In cases where the artist has issues with the distributor, a complaint can be filed to the Maluso Administrator via a message in the artist’s respective account,” Moluso Music says.

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Mkali says the platform has been created with the intention of curbing piracy and growing the music industry.

“This is a digital marketplace that will enable artists and music creators to reap from their sweat by protecting their art from piracy,” he says.

“We believe that artists need to be encouraged because rewarding artists for their labour would trigger a trickledown effect which will eventually benefit communities.”

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Mkali encourages the music-listening public to sign up to the new service.

“Like other sites, users will have to use their international money cards. However, this site is very different from others because payment of the purchased music has been designed specifically for African countries,” he says.

Maluso Music will enable artists to earn 70% of all revenue collected from the sale of each song. Out of this, 10% will go to the Copyright Society of Malawi (COSOMA), which artists can claim at a later stage.

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